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Phil Dixon

Phil Dixon is a sculptor based in Brixham, Devon. After achieving a degree in Fine Art in 2002, he has since exhibited in many exhibitions in England and he has been a committee member of several art organisations. Recent exhibitions include his 2011 solo show at Nuneaton and Bedworth Museum, his shortlisting for the 2016 Broomhill National Sculpture Prize, and the Fresh Air Sculpture exhibition in 2017 and 2019.
Dixon works with welded metals, polyester and epoxy resins, and found objects. He specialises in Kinetic sculpture powered by hand, natural energy sources, or electric motors using switches and sensors. Dixon’s work varies in size, from small mechanisms and maquettes, to large scale outdoor sculptures and entire room installations in which controlled lighting and manipulation of space help to create the mood in his work.
Some of his sculptures have been designed to draw the viewer into a particular emotion. Other pieces have looked closer at mankind's relationship with our natural world in an attempt to clarify to Dixon, his own place within this environment. The humour and often interactive aspects of Dixon's work contrast the meaning behind it, which is to convey Dixon's own concern with growing older, and the inevitable end to life. Dixon's practice could be viewed as a quest for answers; however it is inevitably also providing him with a purpose.

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