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Paul Pibworth
Leaving school in 1979, he found himself starting working life as an apprentice sheet metalworker. He worked for a number of companies before he stepped out on his own designing & manufacturing bespoke, furniture, fittings and artefacts.
He found that he had a talent for making things. And that he could coax the idea from his clients concept right through to completion. At this stage in his career he leapt back into education.
Firstly he took HND in 3D design at his local college in Bedford. Followed by a BA in Spatial Arts and Arts Management at London Metropolitan University. Hosted within the Architectural school they studied alongside & were encouraged to collaborate with the architectural students. Together they learnt so much whilst having the best of times.
So now he titles himself as, Paul Pibworth, Artist, Sculptor, Journeyman
Specialties: Artist, Sculptor, Photo-archivist.
Bloopers - when videoing Crucifix presentation just a bit of fun to watch
He is an Artist with the solid engineering background.
When he is asked if he can make something he almost always say yes.
Because as an Artist and Engineer, he knows that anything is possible.
The work he does is made by himself. He makes things, it's as if he can't stop himself.
Using stainless steel to make up his structures & taking some inspiration from a passage of text.
A song, poem, a word of kindness or bitter words in haste; all which can harness intense emotion and leave the scars of pain or the warmth of Love.

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