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Jeni Cairns
Artist and garden designer Jeni Cairns has always been inspired by the natural landscape that has surrounded her most of her life. A childhood spent exploring the farmland, lanes and areas reclaimed by nature have left a lasting impression. Working in a diverse variety of mediums such as gardens or natural spaces, painting and sculpture, often focusing on metal and drawing.
Jeni often uses pre-used industrial materials such as oil drums and agricultural machinery as well as new steel and Corten steel to create her work. Jeni finds a balance between private commissions, public commissions and her own direction led work.
'I find the medium of metal a perfect way to express my ideas on nature, there's a delicacy yet enduring strength and resilience in nature as it always (I hope) finds a way to survive and flourish.'
For the metal sculptures Jeni has often taken inspiration from her own garden and surrounding rural landscape, the birds busy in the hedgerow and trees, the life that abounds by the pond and the creatures that come out at night, the seasons, swifts and swallows, the flora and fauna. Sometime the pieces are left with their patina while others are shot blasted and powder coated in a monochrome palette. Jeni is always looking to expand her skills to produce more ambitious work.
Mission - to create outdoor spaces that work for people and wildlife in harmonious and beautiful ways. Sculptural work -nature inspired work that aims to represent the truth of the bird or flower or thing depicted.

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