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Lauren Goldie
Lauren Goldie is a mixed media sculptor based in London, studying for her master's degree at Central Saint Martins. She was announced the winner of the Broomhill National Sculpture Prize in 2017 and consequently set up her studio in the city. Projects have included a recent solo show at the Winchester Gallery, six-months at the Cass Faculty of Art in association with Whitechapel Gallery and charitable exhibitions at various London Galleries (including GX and Store Street Gallery) raising funds and awareness for Parkinson's UK. Her current research interests are Astrophysical, designing sculptures that could survive in extreme circumstances. Accompanying drawings are diagrammatic based on hypothetical landscapes and poetic narratives of being lost in space.
During the Altered States Exhibition, Lauren will show 'A Sculpture to Survive a Meteorite Impact'. Conceptually the work is based on Astronomy and investigations into securing our survival as a planet or species. It is one design within a series, exploring structures that could be used to repel or cushion a meteorite upon impact. It is carved from a two-toned Ancaster Weatherbed Limestone, in soft sandy earth tones to compliment the beautiful facade of Shaw House and its natural surroundings.
The second artwork on display is 'Error'. Error forms part of a project experimenting with the way sculptures are shaped by their environment. The work is a response to an archive of photography documenting light projections. It attempts to create permanent artworks from temporary installations. A 3D scan was created from a maquette after which rotary machinery carved the bulk of the form in polyurethane foam; the sculpture was then finished by hand. A resin and fibreglass blend were applied to create a smooth finish.

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