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Glenn Morris
I aim, through my work, and by using a variety of media, to explore the tenuous and ephemeral nature of beauty and our human response to this. I find myself drawn to forms that, perhaps, contain visual suggestions of sensuality and frailty whilst, at the same time transmit an underlying message of a darker, troubled quality. The passage of time and the effects of this, either through decay or erosion, the brevity of a 'state of being' and the importance that is attached to the concept of the present, I find intensely interesting. For these reasons it would be fair to say that I work along three avenues of enquiry: carving stone as a means of using material with associations of ancient time and slow erosion, more figurative constructed works that allow the viewer to relate to forms that, by being visually accessible are able to relay subliminal messages through surface treatment or by use of material and, lastly, works that use visual references to explore the above ideas using a variety of materials. How an object is perceived within a brief time frame, as in a museum where it is bestowed with a 'preciousness' greater than it originally possessed, existing as it does under glass and carefully lit, is of immense interest to me. It is no longer prosaic but speaks to us of the past and reminds us of the brevity of our own lifetimes.

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