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Mike Long
Mike Long, a graduate from Goldsmiths University and later Head of Art at King Edward VI School in Southampton has always had a passion for the art of anatomy and movement. Last year Mike sculpted an impressive bronze War memorial to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1, which is currently situated at King Edward VI School as a centrepiece of their memorial garden. The inspiration for his work comes from his time spent with the London Contemporary Dance and Ballet Rambert and has helped form the beauty of his traditional figurative sculptures. Since, Mike's work has been exhibited at several London galleries including the Port-man and the Century Galleries as well as several across the United States. The New London Theatre in Drury Lane has been an exhibi-tion for his work over the last few years, for which it was featured in the musical Cats and on the BBC documentary 'Artbeat'. These stunning sculptures have grown in popularity and can now be viewed in many sculpture parks and gardens across France, the UK, and South Africa.
Mike specialises in figures of dancers, athletes, figures in motion and nudes. Most of his work is modelled in either clay or chavant and then cast in bronze in small editions or as individual pieces. At the wax stage of the casting process small details, such as clothing, are often changed so that each piece becomes very individual.
Mike has a love of human anatomy and has always been of great importance and each sculpture requires a huge amount of research.

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