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Alex & Emma Devereux
Inspired by the monumental building methods of the industrial age, Alex Devereux employs the shapes and forms that were prevalent in the 19th century, mimicking an industrial style and creating a historical aesthetic within contemporary art. His new series of works titled Daedalus after the mythological Greek inventor and father of Icarus, challenges the concepts of speed, modernity and future by adopting the pioneering attitude of an inventor or entrepreneur. Using new materials, technology and patination to realise the work, he creates theatrical facsimiles of the past, giving his sculptures a context rooted in the historical, exciting the imagination of what they could have been or why they are there. Each Daedalus individually titled Fire Fly after the first class of locomotive on the Great Western Railway followed by the individual locomotive name (eg: Fire Fly Hector), are reminiscent of 1930s lamps that implied speed whilst being functionally static. However, by losing their functionality they become a transient keyhole looking into a playful idea of the future. Stories are perpetuated by relics of another time that now serve to entice the imagination. These relics are harbingers of potential futures.

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