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Altered States Open Air Sculpture Exhibition August 3 - September 29 2024

Shaw House, Church Road, Newbury RG14 2DR will be hosting this exhibition that will transform its stunning site into a sculpture park, with artworks by acclaimed sculptors from all over the UK. This exhibition will provide the visitor with the chance to see and purchase a creative mixture of traditional, modern and cutting-edge contemporary work, and will be open from 11am – 4pm 7 days a week. Entry is free. Last Summer we had 12000 visitors enjoying the works in the sunshine.

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Quote from Shaw House

"We are delighted to welcome the return of the Altered States sculpture exhibition to Shaw House. First established in 2018, this annual event attracts more and more visitors each year and with free entry it really does ensure that art is accessible for all to enjoy!"

Altered States 2023 by Steve Wallis

There are stories on the lawn at Shaw
one or more for every dreamer
drifting in this shady plot
lost among the numbered pages
of half a hundred different books
one for everyone who looks and muses
captivated by a certain style
or stops in sudden half-surprise
at being captured, held in awe
reflected in some brazen form
or otherwise, as Burns had wished
to see himself through other eyes

There are mysteries and thrillers here
threads to tug forensically
a long-forgotten memory
made tangible by someone else's mind

Launchpads of imagination
monographs on graceful frames
fables, fictions, flights of fancy
works of wonder, fairy tales

A metaphor turned turtle swims
in someone's stream of consciousness
past a whole anthology of holes
arranged in a set of hardback volumes

But light and dark must play their part
Shaw's idyllic lawn has claws
into each life some pen must scrawl
the coal-black corvid tragedies
scorpion tales of lightning pain
cold hollow griefs, the out-of-reach
the elephants of our inner rooms
the shark of harsh self-criticism
intransigent dominant silverback views

There are stories at Shaw beneath the trees
and everyone who comes creates
another innovative narrative frieze
in the athenaeum of Altered States

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