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Buying sculpture

Buying Sculpture

This section is intended to provide information for prospective purchasers of sculpture. It details procedures at exhibitions, taking delivery of sculpture from an artist, and procedures for buying direct from an artist. Weight
Large Pieces [over 2M or 20 kg]
Sculpture in this category often necessitates special transport. This will sometimes involve additional cost for transport and/or installation. An agreement between the artist and customer as to the costs, date, time and any special unloading requirements is very important at the time of purchase.
Medium Pieces [over 1M or 10 kg]
For medium sized pieces, delivery is normally accommodated by the artist with his own transport (e.g. estate car or small van). An agreement with the customer as to the date, time and any special unloading requirements, must be clearly made before delivery takes place. In some cases the customer will be able to collect work at the end of the exhibition; this must be clearly agreed between the artist and the customer.
Small Pieces [under 1M or 10 kg]
Small pieces can vary considerably. Some can be quite heavy [e.g. Bronzes].