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Cathryn Shilling

Cathryn Shilling’s years in graphic design allowed her to develop skills in a wide range of creative processes and products, and enabled a natural and spontaneous move into glass. For her, kiln formed glass has proved to be the perfect medium, allowing for creative and technical freedom and enabling her to produce works that are tactile, intriguing and enduring.
Cathryn is best known for her trademark glass cloth pieces which utilise the Venetian glass cane techniques. The canes are made by drawing molten glass into fine threads of no more than one or two millimetres. Cathryn uses a painstaking process to bring these together, strand upon strand, and then fuses them in the kiln until they resemble sheets of woven fabric.
These are then re-fired and shaped while hot by moulding, bending or draping, to become three-dimensional artworks ranging from free-standing sculptures to opulent bowls edged with gold. The vibrant surfaces of these pieces move and shimmer, exploiting texture, light and colour in surprising ways and evoking a sense of movement.
Cathryn also uses the cane by compiling them into many, many layers. The final form of the piece is of something familiar, found in nature, yet the use of glass adds the dimension of surprise for this container for new life. The perceived fragility of the vessel nestling eggs made from enduring bronze or crystal.

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