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Jane Shaw

Art at Manchester University, Jane spent her early career with a London firm of Fine Art Valuers and Consultants travelling and living abroad before returning to London to set up and run a recruitment company, which she then sold after a decade.
On moving to Dorset in 2013, she revived her love for sculpture inspired by her life long interest in wildlife, and the outdoors. Jane is passionate about capturing the overall emotion and movement of animals and wildlife in her bronze sculptures. Her focus is to portray the character and emotion of each individual animal by using fluid, spontaneous and strong gestural strokes in any material she uses.
Jane does not shy away from the ugly – as she says: ‘Ugly is beautiful’ and can create a statement of feeling through any subject she chooses, whether wildlife, domestic animals, equestrian or figurative. Often working directly from life, she produces bronzes for both inside the home as well as garden pieces on a larger scale.
Jane’s total passion for her work, has led her to win several sculpture awards, and continues with her own sculpture projects alongside commissions, mainly focusing on wildlife and animals. She exhibits in London and nationally and welcomes visits to the studio and her garden in Dorset where she has a permanent display of her outside work.
Her message to herself : ‘I must never tire from looking, observing and learning’

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