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Jitka Palmer

Jitka is Czech born and now a Bristol based artist.
She studied medicine and worked as an anatomist.
In 1985 she moved to Britain and studied ceramics at Croydon College of Art and Design.She set up her first studio in London with the help of a Crafts Council Setting Up Grant.
After 20 years of working in clay she started carving stone. She loves the contrast between clay and stone and continues using both. In this complicated world she draws on personal experiences to reflect the spontaneity of ordinary human life.
Her work is figurative, expressive and often narrative. She draws her inspiration from the life and people around her.She sketches people, watches people, listens and make up.
She uses her sketchbooks as a rich reference and a starting point of her work. For many years she has been using predominantly COLOUR applied on clay surface of vessels and sculptural forms and also in her paintings on paper. Working in stone brings her attention to FORM.
She carves sculptures in limestone (Bath, Portland, Cotswold, Caen). She is striving to communicate the expressive power of shapes and volumes as well as utilize her knowledge of anatomy.One of the most fascinating aspects of working in stone is its nakedness and the presence of ancient past within The absence of colour demands strong artistic language and simplicity. It makes her concentrate on what is important and significant. It gives her an angle she wishes to apply to her way of living, too.
She works from her studio at Blaise Castle Stables, Bristol.

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