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Ama Menec

Ama Menec is a British based wildlife, feminist & historical sculptor mostly known these days for her bronzes.
As an artist and naturalist she is deeply concerned about the war on the wild we are experiencing here in the UK. Her animal sculptures focus primarily on threatened British species such as the badger and our massively hunted foxe,but she also celebrates our many successful re-introductions such as the Red Kites and the naturally self-recovered wild Buzzards.
She is a passionate supporter of re-wildling and look forwards to the day when we can all live in thriving and diverse ecosystems. If you are working on reintroductions such as the Lynx, please do get in touch! She is working on a Badger Trophic Cascade, a stretching fox, a life sized kingfisher and a life sized mantling barn owl.
She tries to express not just the beauty of each species she sculpts, but also to demonstrate something unique about that animal which sets it apart from other species. This can lead to some unusual poses, often drawing the eye to things rarely seen or never noticed.
Her sculptures are stylistically inspired by etchings, woodblock prints, early 20th century illustration and Art Deco stone carving. Her earliest influences as a teenager were the Natural History, Archaeology and Anthropology museums of Cambridge. She works from life and from photographs, many kindly donated by friends who look out for or rescue local wildlife.
Her figurative sculptures reflect a 35 year fascination with our earliest pre-history and of later Archaic Greek stone sculpture and also her time teaching Lesbian Herstory which included Anne Lister aka 'Gentleman Jack'. She is influenced by early 20th century stone carving, the qualities of line and use of negative spaces, but coupled with the colour only really possible with patinated foundry bronze.
She is presently moving permanently into foundry bronze, so when her ceramic work is sold, it will not be replaced. Certain items are selling out fast, so let her know if a particular ceramic sculpture catches your eye, as it may not be around for long!

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