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Jim Racine

Jim Racine graduated from the Royal College of Art. He is a master bronze caster at Butley Mills Studios in Suffolk and specialises in making the 'uncastable' using innovative foundry techniques. He makes every sculpture personally from the beginning to the end of the process - the journey is, after all, as important as the arrival. His work is about placing the human artefact in nature; sympathetic metal within the landscape where it can command the pictorial, conduct sky to earth and earth to sky. Much of his new work is based around the concept of a new visual language called the Bird Alphabet. The Bird Alphabet is a new sculptural written glyphic system which is proposed for birds. It’s an attempt to create an abstract language by which extraordinary sculpture can be made, as separate from the species that made it. So anyone seeking relative values in this work will find that here, perhaps, meaning is for the birds. All the bronze work conforms to what Jim calls a “Monumenty” which is a monument to an unknown future event. It is a time travelling work that will survive us all and may have eroded by travelling backwards in time to the present. The work is, for example, an encapsulation of 20th and 21st century idealist thinking in terms of hope for a future that will never happen; the human ideal that we are fleetingly capable of but will never truly attain in our currently evolved form.

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