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Teresa Martin

Teresa Martin was a sculpture tutor at the Northbrook College and City College Brighton for over 35 years, after graduating and qualifying to teach at Winchester School of Art and Brighton University.
Now running private workshops and exhibiting in Shoreham Gallery, she still enjoys encouraging creative skills, seeing people’s lives enriched as a result.
Her own work often involves the rhythmic manipulation of clay in differing states. The consistency of clay is affected by the passing of time, and application can become a performance- frantic, fiddly and fatalistic. These clay works are then cast in the Martin Sculpture Workshops. Often very complex forms are created by the artist, using rubber moulds to enable her to create original, durable forms to survive public spaces.
Some of her installations can be visited whilst walking or cycling along the banks of River Adur in Shoreham-by-Sea, her town of birth.

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