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Lilley Henry

Inspired by nature coastlines, and the beautiful countryside that surrounds me, Lilley Henry became an avid collector of pebbles and flints, feathers, gnarled wood, etc., finding a life force within them that fascinated and excited her. She was fortunate to become involved in a small selective sculpture group, run by an amazing lady called Mary Orrom. She watched over her, always letting her create in a non-structured way, suggestively giving her guidance when needed, letting her find a way through play, experimentation, and laughter. She worked in a range of sculptural mediums, cement fondue, wire, recycled metals, clay, natural windfalls, and stones, this helped her to harness her instinctive ability to create sculptural forms. These week group meetings lasted 17yrs, sadly, Mary has now departed but she continues to host the group at her home. In 2010, she had a wonderful opportunity to work with an established sculptor who was one of Henry Moore’s technicians, who guided and mentored her in the art of carving for 3 years , which gave her the knowledge and freedom to recreate her smaller Marquette's, and found objects into large scale sculptural forms. The large carved sculptural forms that she creates now are the beginning of the process leading to cast resin/bronze sculptures. She has sold her work to private collector's international.

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