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Donald Foxley

After many years of drawing in ink and painting in watercolour Donald Foxley took up sculpture in 1992 and it became so important to him that in 1994 he left his career in civil aviation engineering in order to concentrate on it full time.
He creates abstract sculptures in which he tries to express the beauty that exists in simple shapes: flowing lines, subtly curved edges, negative spaces defined by surrounding forms. There is no message, no answer to the question ‘what is it supposed to be?’.You do not have to 'understand' the piece. You either like what you see or you don't.
He uses various media: the smaller pieces are often in clay or plaster, the larger ones in resin with a surface coat impregnated to resemble a natural material such as stone or metal. He particularly likes making large outdoor sculptures based on very small items. He will make a piece in various sizes, developing the form every time.
Sometimes his pieces suggest forms in the real world, perhaps human or animal. Often they are based on items he comes across that appeal to him. These things are not necessarily conventionally beautiful in themselves. They may, for example, be discarded items such as crumpled sweet wrappers or small machinery components. It is a joy to create something aesthetically satisfying out of these apparently unpromising origins.

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