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Harriet Coleridge

Harriet Coleridge started out as a production potter after being apprenticed for four years at Aldermaston Pottery under Alan Caiger Smith.
In the ‘nineties’, whilst living in America, she built a salt kiln and worked in stoneware and porcelain, moving away from brushwork decoration.
In the ‘noughties’, she spent time in France and participated in several firings of a large anagama kiln in the Charente.
For the last ten years or so she has been fairly obsessed with the vagaries – and delights – of carbon trap shino glazes, fired in different kinds of flame kilns.
She is currently engaged on a new project in collaboration with The Oxford University Anagama Project, firing pots in the ‘anagamina’ kiln in Wytham Woods and experimenting with ash glazes derived from the trees in those woods. (All the trees used for this project need to be culled for the good of the woodland and more will be planted than felled).
Harriet really enjoys making larger, one-off pieces and is delighted to have the opportunity to make something for the gardens of Shaw House. These pieces have been made especially for this exhibition.

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Phone: 01491 835633

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