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Henrietta Bud

As I have a lot of ideas, my work is very varied. The inspiration for my sculptures comes from many sources but I am particularly drawn to the human form, the interaction between people and ideas about communication.
I like to work in a variety of media, including wood, stone, metal, ceramic and plaster because I enjoy the way that each material influences the sculptural forms created from it.
When carving in wood or stone I like to use hand, rather than power, tools to achieve a close, contemplative relationship with the work. I also prefer to sand and finish each piece by hand. Although a single carving can take many months, the care is, I hope, reflected in the quality of the finished sculpture.
More quickly worked materials, such as ceramic, plaster and metal, make it possible to work more freely. This allows me to be more exploratory with my subject matter and techniques in these materials.
Most of my pieces are unique.
I trained at Art Schools in London and Brussels and am a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society and the Oxford Sculptors’ Group. I exhibit internationally and welcome commissions.

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Phone: 07742 017112

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