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Marie Boyle

Marie Boyle is from Dublin but living and working in Buckinghamshire. Her medium is bronze and resin, the clay being her modus operandus.
A figurative artist, she loves athletic form, dance, yoga, balance embrace etc and her influences are varied and vast including the Renaissance greats, Rodin , the indomitable Richard McDonald and the incomparable Lorenzo Quinn.
Marie sells her work from T5 Gallery Heathrow and Brian Sinfield Gallery in Oxfordshire. She has work in private collections in many parts of the world on account of the Airport connection.
Her bust of Sir Andrew Murray will be auctioned by T5 Gallery in aid of UNICEF, a charity dear to his heart.
Marie is a member of, and exhibits regularly with, The Surrey Sculpture Society, the Bicester Sculpture Group and the Oxford Sculpture Group.
“I came into sculpture quite late in life and felt an instant sense of purpose, meaning and gratitude. Although, essentially self-taught, and approaching the autumn of my life, I know this is what I am supposed to do.
How lucky am I? Forever indebted to you Universe for my daily shot of joy!”

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