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Carole Andrews

Sculpture by Carole Andrews begins through observing different aspects of the natural world from the grandeur of cliff faces and rock formations to the minutia of seed dispersal, and memories from the hidden underwater world of coral reefs and microscopic sea creatures to name a few.
Sculpture happens through a torturous process of trying to capture these images and reinvent them using a variety of materials and techniques. This process can be instant or take endless attempts, and is the passion that makes me try again. And again.
The sculpture she makes is a mixture of skills she inherited from her parents an engineer and dress designer. These skills together with the mind’s eye and busy fingers make organic work that invites a second look and she has made collections in roofing felt, cling film and paper for various international and national exhibitions. At present her medium of choice is aluminium.
Recent exhibitions have been at The Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition (London) RHS Wisley (Surrey) and Savil Gardens (Windsor Great Park). She has exhibited widely around the country, in the USA and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. She has private clients in the UK, Channel Islands and Europe.

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